MJ Gandon of SPF Dermatology Shares 8 Things You Must Do When Looking for a Good Injector

Yvette Murray
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Born and raised in Miami, Florida, Monique Jeannine Gandon’s, or as friends, family, and patients like to call her, MJ, passion for skincare started at a young age when she tested various skin and beauty products in the industry. She was introduced by her mother to an Aesthetic NP by the name of Dr. Madelyn Mitjans who’d been practicing aesthetics for over 15 years and following MJ’s first experience through cosmetic dermatology, MJ knew she discovered a different side of medicine that brought confidence and joy to patients.

A graduate of Chamberlain College of Nursing and with over 10 of
formal medical education and training, MJ is a licensed and certified FNP, holding a certification with the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners (AANP). Throughout her studies, she completed a full-time, year and a half fellowship which focused exclusively on cosmetic procedures under the guidance of her original inspiration, Dr. Mitjans. This gave her firsthand experience with a formal aesthetics doctor and solidified her love for the practice versus the heartache and difficulties she was currently experiencing working in Critical Care as a Registered Nurse.

Gandon’s additional certifications, fellowships, and licenses include, but are not limited to: Florida Board of Nursing, FNP; California Board of Nursing, FNP; American Academy of Nurse Practitioners (AANP) Fellowship; Advanced Lip Injection Techniques with Julie Horne, RN, of Zurich; Artistic Facial Transformation Master Class, Dr. Zack Ally, of London; Gain, Dysport Delivers Training, Miami; Allergan Medical Institute, MD Codes, Dr. Mauricio De Maio, MD, of Beverly Hills; and the impressive list goes on and on. MJ is anticipated to receive her Doctor of Nursing from Chamberlian University in Spring 2024.

MJ noticed a gap in the industry between providers and patients where discounted prices as well as a lack of transparency and honesty led to less than desirable results. Seeking to bridge that gap, MJ prides herself and her practice on providing a transparent relationship between patient and provider with an emphasis on safety, sterility, education, and follow-up to deliver conservative, subtle, and natural results.

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